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One-to-one learning

Learning in small groups

One-to-one Learning

When you want individualized coaching, one-to-one learning is for you. My goal is to spark your imagination and get you speaking and expressing yourself clearly and confidently. Take a look at the examples below:

Let’s talk about:

work & career

Tell me about your career and job profile, we’ll practice making and presenting audience-friendly slides.

The news

Share your thoughts on the latest headlines, local and world news, photographs, advertisements, TV programs, and comic strips.


Let’s talk about our favorite books, what we’re reading now, book covers, characters, and titles. We also do some storytelling.

How to meet and greet

Greetings, including different forms of “Hello” and when to use them; how to keep a conversation interesting; how to end a conversation politely.

How we practice:

Let's play games

Let’s play word, card and board games together to activate familiar vocabulary and learn new terms. It helps with learning social skills as well.

Let's walk and talk

We can explore your neighborhood, city center, nearby suburbs, museums, parks and forests – take your camera, too!

Let's meet online

Let’s practice regardless of location. Whether you would like to develop your spoken fluency, listening comprehension, pronunciation, speaking, email writing or text messaging, online sessions are always customized to meet your needs.

Online training sessions are usually weekly, for a minimum of 60 minutes.

 Face time
 E-mail correspondence

Learning in small groups

Learning in small groups is for 2-5 people
Small group training can be arranged weekly, biweekly and monthly, for a minimum of 90 minutes per session.
See how we build confidence:

How we practice:

Talking together

Talking in pairs or in groups of threes on specific subjects.


Presenting the findings of the discussion to the group.


Receiving timely and accurate feedback from the teacher.

Lively conversations

Before long, everyone is actively participating in a lively group discussion.

Ready to get started?

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