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Meet Jack

Hello, My name is Jack Barry

Jack Barry is one of the most experienced English language trainers in Finland.  Across the country, for nearly 40 years, he has taught verbal communication skills at all kinds of education facilities and organisations of all types:

  • regional professional and elementary schools
  • Helsinki University
  • government agencies
  • small, private companies
  • multinational corporations
  • individuals of all ages and different mother tongues

Outside of his teaching work, he enjoys parenthood, exercise, photography and volunteering.Jack was born and raised on Long Island, New York, the fourth of seven children of Irish descent. The small town he grew up in was inhabited mostly by big Irish and Italian families, many with 5-10 children. It was therefore essential that Jack sharpen his communication skills to get along with locals. His ability with words also encouraged better behavior from youngsters

As a teenager Jack babysat to earn pocket money, since his blue-collar father working two jobs and busy mother raising seven children could not afford to pay him a regular allowance. Throughout his years at high school and university, his neighborhood was a fertile ground in which he developed his entrepreneurial skills by caddying at a golf course, delivering newspapers, mowing grass, raking leaves, shining shoes at a train station, shoveling snow and washing cars; in other words, customer service.

Through circumstances and connections, Jack arrived in Lappeenranta in August 1980, when he started his language training career at the Finnish-American Society/English language kindergarten. 

In 1990, Jack decided to branch out on his own and establish “English with Jack.”

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